Automatic vs. Manual Transmission

June 8th, 2018 by

2018 Nissan Maxima Summer Driving

If you’re shopping for cars, you’ve probably noticed the different types of transmissions available. But between an automatic vs. manual transmission, which is right for you? While user-friendly automatics are more popular, manual transmissions give greater control. Let’s dive into the specs below!

Manual vs. Automatic

We see all types of transmissions in our service department, and each customer has their own preference. Here is a brief breakdown of the differences to get you started:

  • Automatic: The most user-friendly and popular of the transmission types, automatic cars shift automatically for the driver – no stick shift necessary!
  • CVT: A newer form of the automatic, this fuel-efficient transmission uses a belt and pulley system rather than traditional shifting.
  • Manual: Drivers must manually change gears with a stick shift, but this low-maintenance transmission is perfect for experienced drivers who want extra control during the drive.

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