Award Winning Nissan Energy Efficiency

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For the fifth year in a row, Nissan has won the Energy Star Award, this year being named the 2016 Energy Star Partner of the Year. Nissan is dedicated to protecting the environment by reducing the amount of energy used in its operations. The ceremony took place on April 13 in Washington, D.C.

What the Award Looks At

The Energy Star Award looks at how companies work to diminish greenhouse gas emissions through energy revisions and cuts. This also means they prioritize services that use less energy in buildings, commercial offices, homes, industrial settings, and more. The award looks to find inspiring companies that deliver a quality product while still keeping the environment in mind.

How Nissan is Reducing Energy Use

Nissan is committed to cleaner air and water, which is why they have switched out less efficient systems in their models. Drivers will notice improvements along with eco-friendly changes like LED lighting, which uses less energy and has a longer lifespan than normal halogens. By mending compressed air leaks, they have increased industrial motor productivity. Nissan also has eco-friendly paint and an efficient process that has reduced the energy used by 30 percent. Even with environmentally friendly measures to produce vehicles, Nissan was able to create more vehicles than many competitors in 2015.

Nissan shows leadership for energy efficient car making and assembling, which they hope other automakers will follow suit soon. It is part of their philosophy that less energy use should not affect the quality of their vehicles.

Certified Assembly Plant

Nissan’s facility and plant in Canton, Mississippi received the Energy Star Certification award for 10 consecutive years because of their energy management. In fact, they are in the upper 25 percent of automakers with recognizable energy saving measures.

Be a Part of Nissan Energy Efficiency

By choosing Nissan, you choose energy efficiency. Test drive a model today that was assembled in an eco-friendly way. Nissan is honored to be selected five years in a row for the Energy Star Partner of the Year, and they plan to keep up their efforts by making cars without harming the environment.

Models also offer eco-friendly features like hybrid motors, fuel saving features, LED lights, and much more. Drive a car that has a positive impact on the environment today! Contact us online, and we can book your test drive and answer your questions about the Nissan line.

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