How Do I Take Care of My Tires?

July 25th, 2018 by

Checking Tire tread

Maintenance is vital to keep your vehicle running properly for its lifetime, and in addition to your engine, your tires contribute to your car’s all-over performance. Taking care of your tires is key, but it can be hard to understand what’s needed to keep your tires working properly. If you want to save money and avoid additional tire service, it’s important to check in on them regularly.

Inspect Tires Every 5,000 Miles

The best way to know if your tires need maintenance is by looking at them on a regular basis. Inspecting your tires every time you get an oil change will help you notice signs of damage or general wear and tear. Knowing where your tires are at will help you notice any issues before they are too far gone or expensive to fix. In addition to checking your tires yourself, be sure to have a professional inspect your tires at least once a year.

Check Tire Pressure

Air pressure is also essential regarding how tires handle the Southfield roads, so checking that they have enough air is key. Reference your owner’s manual for the optimal PSI for your specific model. Pay attention to any alerts from your built-in tire pressure monitor regarding low pressure, and fill up your tires as soon as possible.

Monitor Cargo Loads

Your tires carry the weight of your vehicle and everything else inside. Ignoring your vehicle’s load capacity will likely lead to damaging your tires more often. Be sure not to exceed the cargo limit for your vehicle, or you’ll risk blowing out your tires.

Monitor Your Speed

Speed racers damage tires more easily than those who drive at a regular speed. Driving fast works your vehicle’s rubber at a faster pace, creating heat build-up that damages your tires and leaves you open for damage from road hazards. Rather than risk your safety, give yourself enough time to get where you need to go.

Schedule Service at Tamaroff Nissan

Need additional help with your tires? Visit the service experts at Tamaroff Nissan near Farmington Hills. Our service center is here to help with all your service needs, and we’ll ensure your tires are working properly. Schedule your service appointment today!

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