How to Detail Your Car

July 25th, 2018 by

Soapy Car

While there’s nothing like the convenience of a quality auto detail package, many drivers love the satisfaction of a DIY car detailing. And luckily, learning how to detail your car is easy. With the right auto detailing supplies, you can make any vehicle sparkle. Keep reading for a comprehensive car detailing guide from the experts at Tamaroff Nissan.

Car Detailing Steps

  • Interior: Vacuum the cabin and use foam cleanser to remove any stains. Use compressed air and brushes to sweep out vents, buttons, and other small crevices.
  • Exterior: Clean the wheel rims and tires first. Wash car’s exterior with car wash soap and dry with a terry or chamois cloth to prevent spots. Polish or wax for a high-gloss finish.
  • Windows: Use a specialty glass cleaner to eliminate marks on both the inside and outside of the windows. Read the label carefully before using new cleaners on tinted windows.

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