How to Prevent Rust on a Car

November 12th, 2018 by

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You made a big investment in the vehicle you drive, but if you’re not careful, rust can eat away its value along with its exterior. This can be an especially big problem for our neighbors in Farmington Hills and Troy because our streets are covered with potentially corrosive road salt whenever we experience heavy snowfall. We all fight uphill battles against the wear and tear that daily driving inflicts on our vehicles, but when you take proactive rust prevention steps, you can offset the worst effects of the elements.

Rust Prevention Tips

If your vehicle is in good condition, and you want to keep it that way, there are several easy precautions you can take to prevent rust on your car:

  • Check Your Trouble Spots: If rust is clearly visible on your vehicle’s exterior, chances are high that it started to form in one of several hard-to-see spots. Your wheels wells, your undercarriage, and the points at which your vehicle’s body parts are held together are the most vulnerable areas. Be sure to clean and inspect them regularly.
  • Don’t Let Water Sit on Your Vehicle: If water pools on your vehicle, or settles in the crevices of your doors, hood, or trunk, rust can begin to form quickly. Moisture-holding debris, including fallen leaves, can also create a rust risk, so it’s good to clear these off your vehicle as soon as you notice their presence.
  • Wash Your Car Often: Frequent car washes may seem like a luxury, but in fact, they’re a sensible way to eliminate fluids and substances that can eat through paint and corrode a vehicle’s body. If you’re frequently coming into contact with potentially damaging road salt, it’s a good idea to neutralize that salt with baking soda, and to wash your vehicle at least once every ten days.
  • Wax Twice a Year: Vehicle wax can make your paint shine, and it also reduces the chances of harmful substances from coming into contact with your paint. Wax your vehicle twice a year, or in preparation for winter.

Rust Removal

If you notice that rust has begun to form on your vehicle’s body, your first instinct may be to cover all the surfaces with rust prevention spray for cars. Although it’s a good idea to treat a new vehicle with rust prevention spray or rust prevention paint, applying the product to an area that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned can actually trap corrosive dirt and grime in direct contact with your vehicle. Follow these steps to get rid of rust when you find it:

  • Use fine sandpaper to remove as much rust as you can.
  • Use an applicator to apply a liquid rust arrestor.
  • Allow the arrestor to dry, and then apply a primer.
  • Finally, apply touch-up paint to the area that you’ve cleaned and primed.

Get the Service You Need at Tamaroff Nissan

When you pay a visit to the service center at Tamaroff Nissan, we’ll walk you through the process of detailing your car. Although they can’t rust, keeping your tires in great condition is no less important than caring for your vehicle’s body, and our trained technicians are prepared to give drivers in the Dearborn and West Bloomfield areas all the help they need. Contact us today to schedule service, learn to identify leaks or how long brake pads last, and discover other ways to keep your car looking its best.