Do I Need a Wheel Alignment? What are the Warning Signs?

July 2nd, 2016 by

mechanic perfoms wheel alignment

Wheel alignments can have a dramatic effect on how good you feel and how stress-free you are when driving your car. Pulling, drifting, and poor handling from wheels that aren’t aligned can all equal up to a really unpleasant daily driving situation. Do you need a wheel alignment? Great question! Let’s dive into how to recognize if you have an alignment problem, causes of wheel alignment issues, alignment problem types, and more. No matter what alignment issues you have, our qualified techs can fix it quickly and affordably.

Warning Signs

The most obvious sign that your car is not performing its best in terms of alignment is drifting. You can tell if your car is drifting if when you’re driving, you have to turn the steering wheel away from the center position to drive straight.

Signs to Check First

Unfortunately, wheel alignment isn’t free, so before you take your car into the mechanic, check for a few other issues first. The easiest thing is to make sure that your tires are evenly and properly inflated, since deflated tires can cause pulling, too. Another tire issue might be uneven tread wear. Check to see that your tires don’t have uneven wear. Another issue that might masquerade as alignment issues could be a worn suspension or out of balance wheels. This issue causes vibration and wheel alignment won’t help.

Causes and Alignment Types

There are many reasons that your wheels might get out of alignment. You could have knocked up against a curb or hit a deep pothole hard. Fixing the issue differs from vehicle to vehicle. All alignments include setting the camber, caster, and the toe-in or toe-out. Adjustments are very precise—measured in fractions of inches for a perfect result. Getting your alignment checked annually is a great idea and will end up saving you from other problems, like uneven tire wear.

Stay Aligned and Tuned Up with Us!

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