Why Is My Car Leaking?

January 9th, 2019 by

Changing OilYou’ve noticed liquid pooling up beneath your vehicle, and now you’ve started to wonder, “why is my car leaking?” Although there’s a possibility that the leak is harmless, this isn’t always the case. When the problem isn’t something small like a water or freon leak, it’s could be something dangerous, like a loss of transmission fluid or a dying battery. No matter the issue, it’s important to attend to these problems right away at your local Southfield service center.

Is My Car Leaking Water?

The first possibility you’ll want to eliminate is the chance that your vehicle is simply leaking water. In most cases, these leaks are completely normal, and nothing to worry about, but problems can arise in extreme scenarios:

  • If you’re noticing a scentless, colorless fluid pooling beneath the back of the engine compartment, you’re probably seeing the excess water drawn out of the air by your climate and humidity controls.
  • If you notice water near the tailpipe, you’re almost certainly dealing with exhaust condensation, and it should disappear when your vehicle is running.
  • If you notice large amounts of water coming from your tailpipe, along with white smoke while you drive, you might be dealing with a blown gasket.

Identifying the Cause of Your Leak

One of the easiest ways to identify the cause of a leak is to place white cardboard beneath your vehicle’s body, at the location where the leak is pooling up. This cardboard will pick up color better than the floor of your garage or driveway, and you can use this color to get a rough idea of how serious your problem is, and where the issue may be located. Reference this guide to find out what kind of maintenance you’ll need:

  • Red Fluid – power steering fluid, transmission Fluid
  • Orange Fluid – radiator coolant, transmission Fluid
  • Yellow Fluid – radiator coolant
  • Green Fluid – antifreeze, which could be from your water pump, hoses, or radiator
  • Blue Fluid – windshield wiper fluid
  • Dark Brown Fluid- brake fluid, older engine oil
  • Light Brown Fluid – gear lubricant, newer engine oil
  • Pink Fluid – power steering fluid, transmission fluid

Why Is My Battery Leaking?

One possibility we haven’t discussed is the chance that your battery is leaking. Because the fluid leaking from your battery is highly acidic, these problems are especially important to deal with quickly and carefully. One of the best ways to tell if this is the cause of your leak is simply to open up the hood and take a look! If you notice that your battery looks warped, damaged, or cracked, you’ve found the reason for your car leak.

Once you’ve realized that you have a leaking car battery, you’ll need to find a way to dispose of it. Don’t just throw it in the trash! Contact the garage that installed the battery or get in touch with your local recycling center, as either will help you deal with the broken battery. Looking for a new car battery near Farmington Hills? Get the genuine OEM Nissan parts you need at Tamaroff Nissan. We can also inspect your vehicle and ensure that the leaking battery acid caused no long-term damage and help you learn how to check your battery at home.

Get the Service You Need at Tamaroff Nissan near Troy

If you’re ready to get your leak fixed, or just need some help identifying strange car noises, how long brake pads last, how to protect your car from the sun, or how to wash a car, it’s easy to get the help you need at the Tamaroff Nissan service center. Our service specials pull in drivers from as far out at Dearborn and Royal Oak, and we’ve made it easy to schedule service online. If your vehicle is past the point of repair, read up on used car mileage, check out our certified pre-owned models, or learn more about the 2019 Pathfinder seating configurations. There are plenty of benefits to buying a CPO model when you’re learning how to trade in your car at Tamaroff Nissan.