Introducing the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Concept

March 28th, 2016 by

Nissan IDS ConceptThe Nissan Intelligent Mobility Concept recently debuted at the glamorous Geneva Motor Show. With features like independent driving, wireless charging, and innovative vehicle connectivity, auto experts and consumers alike are already taking notice of this cutting-edge vehicle.

Foster + Partners

Since Nissan always stresses an environmental connection to the vehicle design, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Concept team brought a new influence onboard to create an intuitive and intelligent car. The concept was created with the help of a twelve-month deal with the well-known Foster + Partners, a British architectural firm. The partnership is an exciting and innovative event for the automotive industry that could open up the world to a brand-new driving experience.

Wireless Charging

Nissan aims to revolutionize the way drivers and passengers charge their electric vehicles, in hopes of making electric car ownership and maintenance even easier than ever before. Nissan proposes the system would work by parking the vehicle parallel to a charging pad. Vehicles would charge quickly through this system without plugging into an external device.

Even more fascinating, a full charge is able to be shared elsewhere. Say you need power in your home or office, Nissan’s concept can distribute its full charge to other locations for an environmentally friendly source of energy, like wind turbines and solar panels. The car could also share its charging pad with another electric vehicle to maximize convenience and efficiency. With this concept, Nissan would only have to amp charging pads to 7 kWh, which is less than the Tesla’s 11 kWh Single Charger system.

Autonomous Driving Tech

Many have dreamed of the day we would see self-driving cars, and that may become a reality sooner than you think. The autonomous driving technology allows vehicles to perfectly align to a charging pad. The concept model creates a unique driving experience, where the driver and the vehicle form a team. Autonomous driving would also connect your vehicle to its environment, so you would both be aware of the road conditions.

Tamaroff Nissan Has Innovative Nissan Models

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility concept is still in its early stages, but it reveals Nissan’s commitment to utilizing innovative technology within every vehicle in the lineup. You can try electric vehicles with impressive tech today at Tamaroff Nissan. The future is now for fresh, clean, and safe driving. For more information about booking your test drive, visit our contact page.

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