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Google Dec 11, 2017
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Google Dec 11, 2017
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Yelp Dec 9, 2017

Lately I've felt as though every time I make a pone call and speak to someone who deals in customer service, I'm not treated like a person.  I generally feel ignored as if I'm not a priority.  I feel the exact opposite when I'm dealing with anyone at Tamaroff Nissan.  From the sales crew (shout out to Matt Carter) to the service crew I feel as though I am well taken care of.Recently I contacted Mark Prebee over at Tamaroff because I had some warranty work that needed some attention.  I dropped off my car and went home.  Mark called me after a couple of hours to give me the scoop on my repairs.  Now I've been to other dealerships (Huntington Ford, for example) and I've waited for the service guy to call me back.  More often than not I'd have to initiate communication because I've been forgotten.  I don't have to do that when dealing with Mark.  He's incredibly attentive and makes sure each one of his customers remains a priority.  After he verified the warranty coverage he had the repairs (with the parts they had in stock) taken care of.  My experience was pretty quick and painless.  I really liked the fact that Mark was very clear and honest with me.  The folks who serviced my car were also quick and thorough.  The service area seems like it's pretty organized and it feels like you're walking into a proverbial well-oiled machine.  Kudos, Tamaroff.  You're killing it.~ Brian S.

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Cars Dec 9, 2017

My car runs good they perform 90000 mile maintenance on my 2011 Honda

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Google Dec 8, 2017
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Google Dec 1, 2017

Leased 6 Nissans at different dealerships so far.Tamaroff would be a top choice.Their service department is by far the best and most honest.Mike Folitico,Jeff Rubin and Chris Woods are trustworthy individuals and good employees ! Abhijit.

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Google Nov 29, 2017
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Google Nov 27, 2017
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Facebook Nov 27, 2017

I met John Ashcraft at Nissan Tamaroff and purchased my 1st car, 17 Rogue Sport last week. John fully asked my needs, and explained me details about the vehicle during my first visit. Also when I requested the quote, he provide me very detailed cost breakdown, so it really helped me a lot make a decision. Even he offered me full details, he never pushed/asked me about my decision, so I especially appreciate it. I felt he's very kind and honest from the beginning, and still think that is right. He's the best dealer I've ever met. If you have a plan to buy Nissan vehicle, please visit Tamaroff Nissan and meet John Ashcraft - 248-223-8256.

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Google Nov 22, 2017

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