How to Update a Nissan Navigation System

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a new or certified pre-owned vehicle from Tamaroff Nissan, you’ll need to know how to update a Nissan Navigation System. The Nissan Navigation feature enables drivers to get directions as well as store nearly 50 contacts and locations to make your driving that much more efficient. Drivers can also access detailed traffic updates so they know which routes will get them to their destination safely and most efficiently. In order to take advantage of the features it has to offer, drivers can update their systems with various upgrade purchases. Learn more about how to update a Nissan Navigation System with the experts at Tamaroff Nissan.

Update Nissan Navigation Using the Map Update Tool

Farmington Hills and Troy drivers looking to update their Nissan Navigation System should first know that their update will correspond to the Nissan vehicle they drive. To find out the navigation system in your vehicle, check out this guide. The Map Update Tool application is also available to let drivers add, remove, or update the contacts and locations they have saved in their Navigation System with a USB stick. Once you have downloaded the Map Update tool to your Mac or PC, install your USB and open the application where you check out the “Map Updates.” Keep an eye out for a pop-up window that will notify you of any available updates for purchase as well as a list of already installed updates to your system.

While Nissan Navigation lets you add or delete new contacts, save your data to your USB, or do a full map reset if you need it, follow these steps on how to update a map in your system:

  1. Open the Map Update Tool application on your computer and insert your USB stick.
  2. Select MAP UPDATES then select UPDATE MAP next to each map that you want to update. Drivers can update and download multiple maps at a time. To cancel a download, select Cancel.
  3. After downloading the map, remove the USB stick and then insert it into your vehicle’s Navigation System where the directions will pop up for you to follow along on the screen.

Using Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation

Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation is another helpful tool that remembers your vehicle’s location once you have parked, and delivers notifications and a map to help you find your destination and locate your vehicle when it’s time to leave. In order for this feature to work properly, make sure the Bluetooth connection for your phone is turned on under the Connections settings of your device, as this will allow them to communicate with each other. If you’re also having trouble transferring destinations to you device, you can once again turn the Bluetooth off for several moments, then turn it back on, which should fix the issue.

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