Low Freon Symptoms to Remember

If you notice troubles with your auto air conditioning system, you may have a freon problem. Low freon symptoms range from performance issues to visual warning signs like leaks and foggy sight glass.

Red Flags

Just like you may encounter heater problems in the winter, air conditioner issues are fairly common occurrences in the summertime. Here are some of the low freon symptoms you may notice while driving through West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, or Southfield.

  • If you cool air starts turning warm, it’s not the engine overheating. It’s likely a problem with the compressor, clutch, or even a seal leak leading to refrigerant loss.
  • Try to turn the air conditioner to the highest fan settings and the coolest temperature. If the clutch doesn’t activate, the low-pressure switch may be engaged – check your manual to turn it off!
  • Notice an oily film or liquid coming from the air conditioning system? You’ve probably got a refrigerant leak, so head to the shop!
  • Is your air conditioning gauge registering at zero? Your refrigerant levels are depleted!
  • If your model has a sight glass, it may appear foggy or bubbly when low on refrigerant.

Get Your Vehicle in Gear at Tamaroff Nissan!

If you’ve noticed these low freon symptoms, or detected a leak coming from your vehicle, the technicians at Tamaroff Nissan can help. Visit us for a complete inspection – including fluid check and wheel inspection.